Power supply for AutoPi

I am wondering if Auto Pi is taking power from OBD11port or external?
Because i am not sure if OBD port is powerd when the car is off?

Regard Jörgen

Hi Jorgeli

Yes the autopi is powered from the OBDII port, and the connector is always powered, even when the car is off.
The device has a built in power manager that ensures that it will never drain the battery, and enabled it to do intelligent power-down and power-up based on different rules.

So what consumption do the 4g/lte edition have on the 12 v battery?

Hi @jorgeli

The 4G/LTE modem should not affect the battery life of your vehicle. As @Malte wrote, the device will power it self down when the ignition is off. When the ignition is on, the vehicle produces more than enough power to supply the AutoPi dongle. Therefor the battery will never drain.


Hi Peter
Malte.says that it is always powered even when ignition is off.
And the device will power down when low battery.
And that I must have . Iwant to see charge status on a electric car. That’s because I ask first time :slight_smile:.
Or I must cancel my order if not.

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Yes, as @Malte says (he is always right), it will power itself down and go to sleep mode when the ignition is off. So there is still power on the device, it will just consume so little it wont affect your battery life. During low battery the device will go to hibernate mode, to secure the battery of your vehicle. I think we are talking about the same thing, I just wanted to make sure you received an answer to this.

Ok thanks for answer that’s good :slight_smile:
Hope it will work fine on Hyundai Ionic electric.
Regard Jörgen

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Hi Peter, how does AutoPi manages its power state? If it reads voltage level only, it could be a problem for me. I have a camper van with two batteries: starting and aux. The aux is charged with solar panels, but when it is full, starting is being charged. Just from voltage measuring AutoPi could assume car is on and engine is running.

Hi @Kemper

The AutoPi actually wakes up on voltage change. The default setup is this:

vchg_wake: ' +0.20V IN 1000 ms'

This can be configured to match your setup.

I think you can make it work with your camper also.


Hi, it might look weird, but it would be great to wake AutoPi with short massive voltage drop and increase in my situation. It means car engine is starting. Higher voltage means charging not only by alternator.

Hi Kemper,

I can see where you are going. This is definately something we will make configureable in the future. For the time being, it doesn’t matter if the AutoPi starts when charging, it will power itself down when it detects that the engine is not running.


When AutoPi is in sleep mode the USB ports are powered?

Hi Ion

No, the USB ports is not powered while in sleep mode.

Best regards

@Malte, thank you.
I also tested earlier and saw that USB is not powered during sleep, which suits my needs very well, as I want to power a dashboard camera only when the car is started, and without using the cigarette lighter plug.
Do you have an estimation for the power consumption during sleep for the version with LTE? Is the RPi Zero shut down completely during sleep?
Until now I saw the following components being powered during sleep:

  • LTE modem (because I can wake up the device with an SMS and it also seems to start when it receives some kind of ping or network request)
  • OBD chipset
  • accelerometer
  • and I guess some very low power microcontroller.

Hi @Ion

The AutoPi has two modes of sleep. First one is called “sleep” and second one is called “deep sleep/hibernation”.

During normal sleep the parts you listed are “online”. During sleep the AutoPi uses about 100mA and is able to wake on SMS or ignition on. We are actually planning a feature where it can wake on movement, like if you car is being towed or someone hits your car while parked. This is why the accelerometer is awake.

During hibernation only the OBD chip and the microcontroller is awake. In this mode the device consumes about 1-3mA. This mode is only used if low battery is detected on the vehicle and is used to ensure that your battery will never be drained.

The RPi Zero is always powered down in both sleep modes.


That sounds cool!
Thank you very much @Peter

This thread is awesome and many of my questions have been answered around shutdown.

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After update the battery voltage level from Auto pi is crazy.
It could be 80% and after 1 minute in the logg 50% and shutting down??
Something must be wrong

Hi @jorgeli

We just released a new update today, with some minor updates to this.

Can you update your device and then keep monitoring the issue. If it persists please dont hessitate to reach out again.