New software breaks CAN readings (i think)

Subject of the issue

After upgrading to latest AutoPI software version 2019.09.26 no data has been received from the car. The dongle believes the car is not running, and goes to sleep a few minutes into each trip, thereby only saving GPS-data for the start of each trip.

The car is a Saab 9-3 MY2002.

Your environment

AutoPi gen2 version 2019.09.26 mounted in Saab 9-3 MY2002.

Steps to reproduce

Enjoy AutoPi dongle with previous software release.
Upgrade dongle software to newest.
Google how to downgrade.
Cry some more.

Expected behaviour

I expected the dongle to continue functioning after upgrade.

Actual behaviour

I see “Unable to verify connectivity of protocol ‘auto’: Unable to connect because no supported protocol found” in multiple events.

Output of power.status command


Hi abrander,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please send this issue to: Then a support ticket is created and we will help solve this issue ASAP.

Hi abrander,

FYI: A new software update has been released that should solve the issue:

Hi Anders

FYI: Although downgrading is not possible from the web interface, it’s always possible to flash the SD card with an earlier release.

The guide on how to reflash the device can be found here:

And the releases/images can be found here:

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The newest release solved the problem as predicted by Malte. Thanks!