Hyundai Kona / Ionic EV

About work when is charge and go but not in other state , do you consider it ? Or is other thing

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@Remy_Tsuihiji check this out: Adding a new widget from scratch

Apparently the logger does it’s job as intended but only the dashboard shows data from every hour, not more precise.

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ha, ok. i understand. so we need to have widget who is update every 30 too
@Malte cana you do it ? also a widget more useful ?
very thanks
also I need to send for my project, the result of the SoC so, if result is 69 for example, then I want to send it to my own cloud, specially in my mysql table. anyone know how to do it ?
(mysql is already open to web, it is dangerous I know ;)) and all is ready. but where I write the command ? on the logger ? on autopi directly ?

@Remy_Tsuihiji you can get the raw data via their API. As far as I know you can’t send data from AutoPi but you can request it.

@Nejc_Koncan @Malte
Ok. Thanks.
How can I write the request ? In php from my cloud ?
I just need my SoC (already ok in the autopi)

@Remy_Tsuihiji you can check this link out: Getting started with the AutoPi REST API

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Thanks. I will try ;).

Hi every body

Today I had a big mistake with the car, so, be careful with AutoPi. another guy as same problem with same car.

my autopi dongle was always connected and I use pids for SoC display and SOH. I had take it in the library and they are updated. all was ok.

My battery was ok too. Connection same.
My dongle was recently re-flashed, and worked fine.

This morning, I wanted to start the car and I had message error on the display of the car.
The issus was to unplug the dongle, and remove the negative power of the auxiliary battery for ten minute.

Then my car can work/drive again.

i don’t know what append but now we are still 2 person with Kona who append.

why, I don’t know, but my battery was ok and she have more than 12,3 V.
All is original setting, only the delay off the power is 300 to 30000 because autopi doesn’t reconize EV car has starting engine or not. so, if I let the 300 timer, he will stop and don’t care my car is on or not. so, the only solution is to put more value. so 30000.

i will not reconnect again before know what append, and I am sure another people will have same problem.

What message / error did you see? I have my AutoPi tucked in nicely by the fuses. I hope I won’t need to take it out any time soon :slight_smile:

i have error on the display of the car, and the car won’t make the gear. rear or front doesn’t work. same problem as other guy with Kona.
same as Steve

"The error I got was “Check electric vehicle systems” and the orange triangle with “! EV” was illuminated. "

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Can you check 12V battery level? I think latest firmware has a bug, it doesn’t kill AutoPi when battery is too low. I should never see this if I’m correct:
And yes, I’m pretty sure my car is dead at the moment. Will check in morning.

no, my car was around 14 v, because still I had activate “battery care” it is option in the display of the Kona, so when she come close to 12,3 around, she make a charge with the DC battery

also, the car was in charge all the morning, so I am sure the 12v battery was ok

I use the last firmware of the autopi…

yes, you should plug the 220V but I am sure she will charge nothing. the charge port need 12V, I don’t know why

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i see this error when autopi stay a lot time connected , therefore I set cycle every 3 min on / of/ waiting for possibility to change value to start, not voltage but soc activity , soc is active only when car go or is plugged … I don’t know if it can be useful for you

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Hi, thanks.
Can you send a print screen of you power setting ? You never have problem with it, error with the car ? How about wifi hotspot ?
I will try your config if you send me ;).

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UPDATE : Please go down to new conf , this configuration is NOT SAFE

56 04 13

ok , as you ask :wink: with this configuration never. ( with all time I 've cut buttery to restore system ! therefore this is better temporally way )
I use a sim and enabled, 4 month ago if you change name of hotspot not work, I not changed nothing and use as it is, this trick is useful but if we can use soc to decide to up or down is better … when someone it hear me :smiley:


Please be careful use my configuration, my Kona EV aux battery died yesterday, it can be from other factor but I think autopi cycle is not an external factor , I recalibrate every 10 min cycle to preserve battery .
It’s urgent @Malte @Peter resolve this issue on our EV , because speaking with Hyundai local assistance man , Savebattery+ system (charge system on Kona) cold be start a “Cycle of dead”, system continue to charge battery when voltage go too low , but this can damage battery with too many charge/discharge.
We need absolutely a free choice to “run” value … not only RPM to maintaining switch on Autopi, as I’ve described in old post.
Many of my Italian owners and other It can be new autopi clients but I must stop before this issue is not resolved, aux battery is 45ah is not strong battery

PS: Interface of Setup , about POWER is not user friendly, it’s difficult for me but is too difficult to explain on others people (common user)
example : wake up timer , sleep timer … value is express in ? (not say second mills micros ??)

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yes, off course it is dangerous for the battery. but also for mistake with the car. I had send the full log of my Kona to malte, because @Steve and me have error on the car. Malte ask us he had understand the problem, and with my log try to confirm it. so, don’t worried, an update will come soon with EV car power configuration. I already put off the dongle, every body should do same before have problem with the aux battery or the car. the good new is AutoPi work well, we just need wait an update before plugging again.

Kona on Display , EV engine , also Nav sw (no map) UPDATE is out from few days ago , today I update my car at my dealer Hyundai (it’s not December EV engine update , it’s new )

i strongly prefer this POWER configuration , use this instead of before I give you


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ok, thanks.
but I prefer put off before the next update.
I can wait :wink:
anyway, thanks

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Another IDeA … for @Malte

We can control autopi on Kona EV ( maybe other ev vehicle) using a nested logic

If <voltage is up 12.5> Kona is on, autopi stay on
Else if < soc has value> || <Temp out/in has value > kona is charging , stay up with timer ( I must check if cable give also current to all device , therefore stay up )
Else autopi stay off

It can be implemented simply I think ? We need to preserve life of our battery …

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