Hyundai Kona / Ionic EV

Hello. I make this topic for all people have EV car. Please send all discutions about EV car on this topic.
If people try to connect now or soon a Dongle to Kona or ionic, please tell it there ;). Toguether, we can succed.

:ok_hand::ok_hand: Hope for solution soon. Has been a long wait

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@jorgeli Do you know this website ?
i do same, in my home, all work well but offline of course.
i juste change picture and translate in French. all work well from mysql request.
for exemple, I put a number on mysql table, and automatiquely the soc change on the app. see the picture. the problem is only how to send the value of SoC in the mysql table. so, I wait for autopi solution.
webhook can be use, if there is event request, but I am not sure because it is only send a message without information inside.
so, from now, we have 3 problem to solve:
1- wich odbd protocol we should use ? (to create the good odbd car in the
2- how to make the SoC request ?
3- how to send it ? (or not if you use only the cloud, but in this case, we need also the good image in the dashboard, with SoC image.
And again, sorry for my english… :slight_smile:

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Hi Remy

Really cool article.

Our aim in the near future is that we can display custom data in the dashboard, like SoC and also being able to configure triggers that trigger on specific charge levels, so that you can get a notification when the battery reaches a specific charge level.

Best regards


For the Kona, I found the Niro info found here seems to work at least to some extent in Torque Pro :


So we should be able to do some conversions of the Torque sums to AutoPi.

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I don’t have the kona yet. I will able to try when I have it. In February.
But it is good news ! Thank’s and let’s me know if it’s work and how :wink:

Torque Pro files now at - so it will be good for anyone tinkering with the Hyundai EV’s to use this site as an initial reference and provide updates when new information is found.


I read your other post how to use it.
But where did you send the request ? Directly in the dongle ?
I should work tonight but i will try it tomorrow.
Can you send me a screen shoot how to do it ?
Very thanks
Later, I can send you my phone app for the kona if you want ;).

With autopi I’ve been using the terminal on the cloud ( when the car is turned on.

What app is this ?

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Thanks. I will try it.

The app is in the top of this topic. I had made a screen shoot. You can see it.

It is web app.

You should install it on a web serveur. Any phone is ok to connect.

For the app, you should have a web server, to put the file inside. it is php file.
I use SYNOLOGY, It is a home NAS serveur. it is useful for a lots of thing’s and also to make your hown website
so, to make it is:

  • Download my file (I can give you by email for exemple)
  • just put the php file in the racine folder of the web site (you should have Synology or a website account)
  • Create BMS table in mysql (I give you the code in a file)
  • Configure the file config.php and put your own login, pass, and name of the table, and other to authorize the config to acces to you database. it is simple to do to.

You need also to know you external ip, or use a dyndns service if you don’t have.
and accès to you home router, to make the rule => port 80 -> ip of the web server

Take your phone or pc, open a web browser, write you external ip, and you can see the app. then, if you use iPhone, to have an icon on the screen, like an app, just save the web site on the top of the screen. (I can help you with picture and make tuto if you want)

The size of the screen app is configured for my iPhone X, so maybe you should adjust the size, directly in the php code inside the config.php. easy too.

You can translate all, because original is German, but now in French. It is easy to do.
You can put login pass, there is register.php file too.
Login is available 2 hours , so you don’t need to put every time your login and password. You can configure the time of the active connection too.

The acces is very very quick, less than 1 seconde and real time update.
to try it, just put a number (in this case, a simulation of the SoC in the BMS mysql table) and the app automatic’s update the SoC.

Of course it is upgradable, and we can add more fonction, and other thing’s later.

I don’t have Kona yet, so, I can’t help you with autopi yet, but soon !! … sorry …

Let’s me know your email or other to send you the files or I can do it for you

Thanks for your very good job, we just wait now for an update of the autopi to support ev car …
Maybe the next release ? for the 25 December will be perfect. !! lol

ps: my English is bad, so I can make a youtube video to help you

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Very interesting.

Can I use in my Ioniq?

Is it possible with autopi manage the air conditioning while the car is parked?/

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@ricard_ferre_jornet hi ! for now, only this work, it is a German guy who made it ->

So I try to do same for the Kona, with because it can connect over the air by SIM card, and not only with bluetooth like other usual odbd connector.

We need to find the good pids to send command to the Kona. @plord find a lots of pids, and seem know how to connect and send pids to the car, so, I try to fellow him and understand what he do.

I think, I had understand all now ! so maybe I can help him soon, but I wait my car … I don’t have it yet :wink: From now, I just work on the web interface for EV car, to add login and pass, and more thing’s than the original. I also work to understand how autopi work.

A lots of work :wink:

Most important is we wait now for an update for EV car, it seem to come soon, I hope so :slight_smile:

if you can help us, you are welcome :wink:

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Thanks, I know about this project but only can see de level of the battery
I’m waiting to new soft to improve autopi and then I will buy.
I have an Ioniq EV

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Since yesterdays update there’s still no really use of the AutoPi on the IONIQ, I’m kind of dissapointed.


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Hi @el93mon,

Hang in there. We are working on making this easier for you and the next release will contain updates with improvements for the EV’s.



Hi Peter, My Kona Panzer EV is waiting for you ! Thanks very much … when it go , we make on our italian forum simple guide and every Kona EV owner will buy autopi !

My Car is linked and autori 4g activated , also enabled Hotspot Wifi for nav , we use to help our nav system traffic update . Autopi can be Kona best add , also ioniq.


Thats great :slight_smile: Waiting for every release for something fot my Ioniq electric. So looking forward for this :grinning:
Some solution for the Autopi not shut down when driving?
Regard Jörgen


I testing this configuration :

  • every 3/5 min monitoring ( future battery sensor )
  • prevent Kona error excessive battery drain

image image image image

Hi Alexandro

At first glance, those intervals look quite low, but please report back how well it works for you.
To get an overview of when and for how long it is turned on, you should take a look at the events page on

Best regards