Cloud limits. When it comes to unknown cars

Today finally I received my autopi, but because my car is not famous I didn’t find category for it nor being able to make. Which was not a good news.

My car is changan eado. More about it here
[] global website
[] local dealership

All what I know is that it is authorizes bosch obd such as the “kt660” ( used by dealer )

But there are many unwill-known car brands. And being able to add car that are not listed will help not only me but many of the community in the future.
Beside my car and changans car there are brands as MG and Mitsubishi which are not listed.

Hi @ELYASS_ZAYER and welcome to our community!

I will relay the idea to be able to add new cars to our developers and see what they think. There is already a community sharing feature within however, it is the ability to add CAN messages and signals specific to your car, so that others can view and use them. You can check out our guide for that here.


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