How to import custom DBC files

DBC files describe the network traffic of a car. It specifies what modules are within it, what messages they can send, the message’s signals and details about them. In this guide we’re going to review how you can import those files in, how to improve their readability and how you can share them with the rest of the community.

Steps to import a new DBC file in your library.

  1. Go to Car Explorer -> Library section and click Import

  1. Select DBC from the dropdown menu that shows up and select the file from your filesystem.
  2. A list of the imported CAN signals will show up in your library.

Adding descriptions for better readability

Some signal names can be very self explanatory. However some messages might be harder to understand. You can add descriptions to those messages to make it easier to recognize them in the future or for other fellow users, if you share those signals with the community.

To add a description for a signal, click on the signal you want to describe. A CAN message editing window will pop out. In this window you’ll be able to see the CAN message at the top with all signals associated with it in a list below. The signal that you clicked on will be already expanded and highlighted in yellow.

Edit the description field of the signal and click Save. You can also associate that CAN message with a vehicle bus. This guide does that. You should see the CAN signal update with the new description:

Sharing CAN messages with the rest of the community

To make it easy for other community members, you can share CAN messages you’ve identified for your vehicle. To do that, you must first associate a CAN message with a vehicle bus, which you can do at the bottom of the “Editing CAN Message” pop out window. After you’ve saved the changes, you’ll be able to click on the “Share with the community” checkbox
Saving the changes shares the CAN message and all signals with the community.

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