Zoom on Map resets every interval and scales out TOO far and user has to zoom again to vehicle location in Dashboard

Subject of the issue

After the latest update, the dashboard map view resets the zoom level on play mode in the dashboard. Let’s say I want to follow the vehicle closely, well I can zoom it initially but each interval it’s now set back to a global zoom level.

Your environment


Steps to reproduce

Get someone to drive the vehicle, observer goes to a desktop browser or mobile browser, go to dashboard, get the map and zoom to the position of the car and click the play button

Expected behaviour

The zoom level should be focused enough to see point A and the current position of vehicle.

Actual behaviour

Focus on the current position of the vehicle.

Any update about that issue. Can anyone tell when this will be fixed ?

No word, no acknowledgement by the AutoPi team, don’t expect it to change any time soon.

Hi @snicrams and @nwestwind.

We apologize for the silence on our end and thank you for reporting the issue. I have relayed that bug to our developers and they are looking into it, however we also have many more tasks and bugs to tackle apart from this one, so it might take a few before it is actually fixed.
We will make sure to notify you as soon as it is though!


I went for a drive today and this is all I get anymore. No route, no trips, just some events and it looks like the vehicle never moved.

How can I revert back to a different firmware version?

I just don’t know anymore. After the last update this thing has become pretty useless. No trip history and the dashboard stopped working properly.

It connected to the data service but the trips and dashboard don’t show anything and the zoom level reverts to like the highest furthest out zoom level still.

Hi @nwestwind.

Our developers have fixed the zoom-out bug and it is in our testing servers currently. It will be included in the next release of the front-end.


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