Widget display order

With a larger screen I can re-order widgets -

However, I’ve found with a smaller screen ( such as my phone, or if a shrink the browser window ) then the ordering is fixed and different to the larger screen -

This is unfortunate on the phone since its tricky to scroll down ( you end up scrolling the map itself most of the time ).

Just wondering if this was intentional.


I see you have battery temp on your Kona
I try your PID on my Ioniq and i get value on batery temp 1,
But it show to high , not the real temarature.
Do you now how to configure?
Regard Jörgen

Looking at https://github.com/JejuSoul/OBD-PIDs-for-HKMC-EVs/blob/master/Ioniq%20EV/extendedpids/Hyundai_Ioniq_EV_BMS_data.csv I would expect the autopi config for the ioniq to be -

  1. Mode - 21
  2. Code - 01
  3. Header - 7E4
  4. Bytes - 64
  5. Formula - twos_comp(bytes_to_int(message.data[19:20]),8)
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@plord also i confirm your bugs of gui … also i want underline is better start with dashboard or a choose in settings
also my date is blocked at 13:00 on 23 march in every value …

( for battery power i try to add at formula (…)*-1 to convert positive )

Yea, thats a good point. When you select a day maybe reset the time to 00:00 ( instead of the current time ) ?

I see battery power already positive - only going negative whist regen or charging.

(still trying to extra two plots - one only for driving and one only for charging)

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It’s good idea , so if we can has a real time only graph is useful … I’m waiting new family of graph to use about charging, power etc

Hi Peter

It is (at least partially) on purpose.
It’s done to make sure that data on the charts is visible to the user, if it gets too small, it’s too hard to read.
But, I agree that when scrolling, the map should not take focus like it currently does.

Maps on mobile should implement the two finger pan, so that it will not take focus unless you use two fingers while panning.
That would at least fix the scrolling issue.

We could also change the width, at which the dashboard switches to mobile view? - but from my earlier tests, the widgets can have a hard time being “compatible” / text is visible, labels does not overlap etc, when the screen size is either large or small.

Best regards