Which version of python is supported?

I will be writing quiet a bit of code that will require various libraries in python3. which versions of python are supported?

Hello @James_Agada.

Unfortunately, the AutoPi Core only supports python 2.7, however if you want to run something standalone which doesn’t interact with our system, you can run any version of python.


Does this mean we can install python3 directly and nothing will break? Or we should create a python3 environment and run in it. What exactly does not interacting with your system mean?


I took a second look and python3.5 is actually installed on the Raspberry Pi inside the devices as python3.
Not interacting with the system means that the code won’t be running inside the AutoPi Core system, for example, when you want to write custom code for your device (which you can do from my.autopi.io) or creating a new service.


So ok to run them outside the Autopi core. And then using mqtt or something else to connect to a service. We will see.

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