which device to buy

We need to build small application on OBDII device to collect some information and send it to a webservice. I am going to connect to webseirvce via 3g or 4g (I am not going to use android or ios device for this). So I need dongle which support 3g or 4g and support gps tracking as well. Here is the information that will be sent

Direction: is the car direction

Latitude: is the latitude

Longitude: I think very clear is the longitude

speed: is car speed

"uturn":value is 0 and it will be converted to 1 if direction is changed.

"Fuel":"is Fuel reading"

Can some one suggest if I can use for this and what device shall purchase.

Hi Mansour

It sounds like you would need the 4G version, as you need the connectivity.

Regarding the described structure of the payload, you may need to make some changes to make it follow the structure that you mention, that is, if you need it to send directly to your service.
The easiest and simplest solution would be to simply query our REST API to get the data you need instead.
All the data that you require is already logged in the default configuration, and thus available via the REST API.

Currently each data log is sent in seperate frames so that each seperate log item can follow different intervals.
But it is very possible to create a module that collects the needed data and sends that to your own backend.

You can send an email to sales@autopi.io to hear more about how this can be achieved.

Best regards