Which cars will this work with?

Listing of what cars this will work with? I own a infiniti g37 (2008) wondered what kind of use I could gain from this?


Well, we support a wide range of the most used CAN bus protocols, and from the looks of it the Infinity G37 should be supported.

As a minimum you will get the ability to remotely monitor and track your vehicle, including logging of a wide array of different datapoints. But the device can also be extended by what every you like - It’s a raspberry pi, so you can do basically anything.

Check out this blogpost where we talk about how interacting with the CAN bus works.

/ Malte

Would this work for a 1998 Mustang?

It should yes, but i’m unfortunately not sure to what level…

What about support for a 2012 Jeep Wrangler and a 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD?

Hi @ramillsjr,

Yes they should be supported.


Hey @ramillsjr , I was wondering if you ever ended up connecting AutoPi to your jeep wrangler? I have a 2012 wrangler as well and I was curious to know what features you were able to use. Did your jeep have remote start from the factory? If so, can you activate the remote start using AutoPi? Thanks!