Where to start?

Hi all-

Just received my 2nd gen with 4G and I’m looking into diving into this head first. So far I have it connected via my.autopi.io and have set the auto discover CAN for my 2016 Ford F-150. Like many of you, I want to completely unleash this device and customize the heck out of it. But…

Where should I start? I was thinking about recording the lock command and trying to narrow down which PID (I think that’s what I’m looking for) and starting there. Is this a crazy task? Should I be looking for something else easier like tire pressure?

With all of that said, looking at this from month from now, how would I actually control this from my
Mobile device? Just leverage the RESTful API and write my own UI? Curious where you guys are at with this. TIA

I would start by googling the PID definitions for torque pro for your car and try to convert to autopi format.

Ok, now I’m wondering why I bought the autopi as opposed to the torque pro. Quick survey, what are most Autopi users using autopi for? I’m looking into it for automation and remote capabilities.