What is the PIDs when Kona Alarm Horn is activated ? (To have Telegram alert)

Because on Kona EV with autopi we can send message with telegram, it could be interresting to know the PID when the alarm system horn is activated to receive an alarm message on the phone !

Who has informations about the kona ev alarm system ?

Alarm operation : https://www.hkona.com/description_and_operation-1397.html

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I am also interested in this… In general, is it possible to communicate with the car alarm (in my case it is an external alarm, not communicated with the CANBUS), so that when it sounds a message is received?

On some cars I already installed tracker gsm/gps with sim card connected to a wire from the siren to call me in case of alarm, but on the kona, it is a factory alarm then canbus signal is interesting to find but actually no information about it :frowning:

I see… I hope someone has that info.
In your older cars, how did you connect the siren to the autopi? Connected to the GPIO inputs? (lowering the voltage from 12V to 5V o 3.3V, I imagine, if that is the case).
Is the autopi awakened from sleep when the siren signal is received?

Thank you very much and sorry for deviating the subject of the post… I thought it could be interesting for others.

In fact i didn’t had autopi at this time, it was just 30$ ebay tracker easy to connect with a short to ground signal to call


If you if you go down the track of trying to find it I would be interested to help. I am particularly interested in the PID for whether a seat is been sat in (as used by the seat belt alarm). However I have nor real idea on how to start. (Looking at the IONOCs I assume very similar/same to the KONA)