Warning for fuel and reset of clock


Today after starting my Mini One R56 i had the first time in my live a very interesting behavior. I had more than 50% fuel left and my car give me a warning. Furthermore, the clock time was reset.
The only difference is, that i use the AutoPi since yesterday.

Had someone similar issues and is there a chance to debug this or how i can avoid this?

Thanks, Armin

UPDATE: Today morning i had the same issue with plugged in AutoPi over night, yesterday afternoon i didn’t have the issue, but i removed the whole day the AutoPi.

UPDATE 2: Everytime the issue above occures, the distance and time of this drive won’t be recorded/Calculated. Data for Engine, … is available, but duration and distance is zero.

Hi goldjunge4

Thank you for reporting this.
Regarding your update 1, do you consistently experience this when the device is plugged in, and not when it’s unplugged?

At first glance, the issue in update 2 sounds like a seperate issue.
So the trip is created, but it doesn’t get a end time?

Best regards
/ Malte