Video Tutorials


It would be great if you could provide more detailed video tutorials for new users.

  • Unboxing Autopi
  • Connecting Autopi to your car
  • Connecting to and dongle setup with SIM card and WiFi
  • Basic tutorial to cover MyAutopi interface features (
  • Adding a car to MyAutopi
  • Showing some examples on how to use terminal: Lock & Unlock the car.
  • Adding multiple dongles and cars to MyAutopi
  • Tutorial on how to build a simple mobile/web app that can be used to control the vehicle.

Perhaps tutorials could be organized based on sections or complexity.


Hi Paulius

We are planning a few video tutorials for some of the more advanced topics like recording and replying can traffic, and then some of the other topics will be covered by guides here on the community.

We are currently not in a place where we can cover things unrelated to our own product, so stuff like building apps is not in our scope, but we do already have a guide for interfacing with our rest api, which is how an app will communicate with the autopi platform.

We have earlier discussed adding an interactive tutorial-mode to the application, that can be triggered, and then show how each section works with tooltips, it’s not something we have implemented yet, but we could have all the features in the world, but if nobody knows how to use them, they are not much use…

So your idea about tutorials is great, it just may not all end up as actualy video tutorials, but instead guides or more advanced help on the frontend.

Thank you for your feedback! - If you have any other suggestions, ideas for tutorials, stuff that is confusing etc, please don’t hesitate to let us know, when you build something, like UI’s it can make you blind to obvious shortcomings.

Best regards

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Hi Malte,

I can’t wait to see your new tutorials related to traffic recording and filtering PIDs.

Regarding the app I had in mind just a simple one screen web app for community members that we could use as a reference to test some basic options such as lock and unlock vehicle or open and close windows, nothing more. This would allow non-technical people to start playing around faster.

I would suggest to test your assumptions and start asking your users about their first time experiences with your product and where do they struggle. Survey is a great method to ask these questions and get answers quickly. Also it would be a good idea to divide your users into non-technical hobbyists and more technical developers to see what kind of needs do they have.

By the way do you mind if I ask you if have on your team a UI designer and UX research?