Verizon Registration Issues

Just wanted to post this for anyone looking at using Verizon with their AutoPi in the US and tracking it’s status. I notified the AutoPi team of this while trying to get my Pi 4 TMU registered.

Verizon requires the Quectel card IMEI to be registered which can be found on the Quectel support forums where others have run into issues.

I believe the AutoPi team would have to submit the AutoPi device to Verizon for approval and then add each IMEI they have provided to their US customers. There is not an easy way for an end-user to set this up as they must have a registered business name and become verified through Verizon.

I believe other vendors support IoT devices without as many loops but Verizon is one of the largest providers in the US so I know many will want it supported.

I’m going to see if my additional Verizon SIM will work on the AutoPi. I believe in the past when I tried this it would intermittently disconnect due to a periodic IMEI check.

I will update if I have success.

@Nikola and @Peter. I tried using my existing SIM but it seems like after either a power cycle or a day has passed that the SIM begins intermittent disconnects. Is there any specific information you would like surrounding this? I noticed the help thread was moved and you were both involved with that original post.

At the moment I have found Tello to be a very affordable monthly SIM plan that has limited data for whenever my hotspot disconnects or Verizon may not have signal.

Hi @Zaf9670.

Apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, we don’t plan on making such a deal with Verizon as of now. What we usually recommend is to go for a different carrier, like AT&T.


I have had issues ever since getting my AutoPi with staying online. I’m using Verzion. Is that the same issue you were having?

Yes. Quectel says that you have to register with Verizon’s IoT program. I don’t think it costs anything but you do have to be a company to register and setup.

I ended up getting a cheap Tello SIM. The plan is around $7/month for 1GB of data which isn’t bad and I tether when I’m in the car. I might drop it to the $5/month.

I’m going to get a new provider, but you need to realize that Verzion is the largest cell phone company in the US and has some of the best coverage. To ignore them is not a good idea.

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I totally agree. That’s why I brought the issue up as their previous Verizon guides weren’t working for me.

The Tello is a good alternative because in most cases adding a line is $10/month. It doesn’t seem like the AutoPi is using more than 10-50MB per day at my current rate but I"m sure if more loggers/activities are running that could change.

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