Vehicle license plate and Vin number not saving

Subject of the issue

Under the Garage Settings page, the license plate and Vin number do not get saved.

Your environment

What browser are you using? Google Chrome
What version? 67.0.3396.99

Steps to reproduce

Update an license plate or vin number fields navigate away to another page [Dashboard/Triggers/etc] and come back to the garage settings.

Expected behaviour

License plate and Vin number to save properly.

Actual behaviour

Neither License plate and Vin number gets saved on the Garage Settings page.

Fixed on Version: 278aab64

Hi Harry

Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

I am looking into this, and at first glance, everything seems to work properly.
Can you verify that you are unable to edit licenseplate and vin on

EDIT: Never mind. I can reproduce it now. The values are correctly saved, but not reloaded and shown when navigating away and back.

Best regards