VAG cars development and infotainment replacement

I’m a proud owner of a mk2 TTS and a very active member on the ttforum. I want VAG support for reading engine statistics, fault codes, steering wheel buttons, reverse cameras and provide a well needed replacement of the stock infotainment system, mirror cast or waze maps would be a great benefit. I want something better than what I can already buy plug in and play and I want it to be functional offline as signal coverage is the UK is dire.

Can you do this?

Your VAG dealer would have soon a “we connect” box you could start with…not sure it’ll have all of that but it will be free :wink:

Hi Ldh, somehow I missed your topic, so better late than never…

It can do some of what you need, but it sounds like you are looking for a complete consumer replacement system, but AutoPi is more of a development platform with a bunch of built in features.

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/ Malte