Using AutoPi to automatically record all traveled routes with my car

Here is my specific use case:

I want to record all traveled routes, fully automatically. I don’t want to record the detailed GPS trace itself, I just want to have a full recording of the following data:

  1. start date+time and GPS position
  2. start odometer reading
  3. end date+time and GPS position
  4. end odometer reading
    This is basically all!

Why do I need this?
For documenting all my business trips I do need date/time/odometer for start/end of each business trip. With the GPS positions (start/end) I can easier select, if this specific trip was a business related one or a private trip. So, with these data collected I should be able to export a CSV file for all my business trips over the year, this would save me some time.

Background: I’m from Germany and I do need such a feature in order to get the data for my business expenses quite easier and more accurate. This would save me a lot of time and would pay of itself. :wink:

Any ideas, if this is possible to achieve with AutoPi today? Or are there any ways to automate this with the help of some scripting?


Hello @Quintus23M.

Welcome to our community! That is an interesting automation project that you have in mind. Have you looked at our API documentation (link)? It has endpoints specific for the trips that you’ve made with the AutoPi device. It may be a starting point for your use case as the trips model contains almost all the information you’re looking for, except the odometer reading.

Best regards