Use Autopi as ELM327?

Hi I wonder if anyone had been succesful using the unit with apps like torque or car scanner relying on ELM 327. Setting the local ip to


So I realize the stn chip is backwards compatible with ELM 327. How could activate a port towards the serial interface on the stn obd chip?

Reason for doing this is to be able to reverse engineer propriatary PIDs implemented in various obd apps such as obd scanner pro

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Hi Gustav,

Just a little follow-up on this topic:

We have been doing some investigation and initial tests, and it will be possible to access the AutoPi’s ELM327 interface via the WiFi hotspot. That way it is possible to use ELM327 apps from iOS and Android devices. Further along the road it might also be possible to do via Bluetooth but that is not yet tested.

We plan to include the ELM327 over WiFi feature in the upcoming software release.


It would be really cool to also have some “sniffer” for this to get some undocumented codes for usage in autopi.

For example: There is an Code for optaining the fuel level of my BMW F11 in Torque, which I would like to use in autopi as well.

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Now that is excellent!!

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The feature is now available in the latest release of AutoPi Core:

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This is awesome! Like christmas almost!

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