Upgrade AutoPi Gen2 to Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Hi there
I tried to upgrade AutoPi Gen2 to Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W using https://github.com/autopi-io/autopi-core/releases/download/Buster-Test/autopi_core_tmu_buster.201020.img.gz, as recommended by support.

But the AutoPi-Initial AP is not starting.
It seems that this latest image for AutoPi Gen2 is based on Raspbian Buster which does not fully support Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.
Because of this, the wifi interface does not start, probably no driver in Buster.

Is there any image for AutoPi Gen2 that support Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W?

On Raspberry Pi’s official download page, it mentions that a 32bit Buster version should be compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 W. The Zero 2 W has a different WiFi chip to all the other Pi boards so it might probably need different drivers.

To troubleshoot this, please create a support ticket with a link to this page, along with the response from running the command: systemctl status hostapd.service


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