Unable to add device due to it's been registered by previous owner

I got a second hand AutoPi that I am not able to register due to the fact that the previous owner not being able to get into his/her account. I have been in contact with AutoPi support with no solution so far. Support team asked me to contact the previous owner that requiring them to write AutoPi about ownership transfer, but no where I can get this done as well, because it seems that this person is not tech-minded, or ignorant I would say.

Is there another way I can get this device to work please? It’s been two weeks laying on my desk. I am expecting to get this resolved so that I can do my weekend project sooner, otherwise this AutoPi is just another useless brick. Thank you.

This issue is resolved by contacting support@autopi.io, presenting you device info (minion ID and device IMEI).

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