Trouble getting returner to work with custom service

Subject of the issue

I have created a service which runs Flask and receives sensor updates as POST message. Service is up and is updating Python shelve db correctly.

I have trouble using service worker to upload sensor readings from the shelve db to Cloud .

I’m definitely doing something wrong and running out of ideas what to try next :slight_smile: Would be interested in direct tips how to get things to work and link to corresponding documentation which defines correct way to upload the data.

Your environment

  • Updated 2021-03-13

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new service from repo using “Custom Code”.

  2. Create “dump” and “cloud” hooks to the new service.

  3. Create a service worker which uses “dump” handler and “cloud” returner:

Expected behaviour

Data from worker/returner is uploaded to Cloud

Actual behaviour

No data is uploaded to Cloud from service worker. Only workaround with custom execution code + cron job uploads to dashboard.

Workaround is following:

  1. Create a custom execution code which gets data from the same shelve db: execution

  2. Cron job fetches data using the custom execution code and uses “cloud” returner:

  3. Data is visible in the dashboard:

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