Trip data is not recorded when the device starts offline

Subject of the issue

I have a problem when the device sends the trip data to the autopi cloud in a basement. When the trip is started in an outdoor location (state: system/minion/online), the GPS information is logged to the cloud, but if the device is started from a basement, where the sim has no signal (state: system/minion/offline) no GPS data is logged. Even if some time later the device comes out of the basement and connects to the cloud. How could i solve this?

Your environment

  • V1.22.4

Steps to reproduce

Start a trip from a basement (when the autopi device cannot connect to the cloud). After a while, drive the vehicle out of the basement and make a short trip. Once the trip is finished wait a moment and check if the GPS data was recorded in the cloud.

Expected behaviour

When the trip starts from a basement, wait until the device can connect to the cloud, then record the GPS data

Actual behaviour

When the trip starts from a basement, the device attempts to connect to the cloud. After it succeeds (after leaving the basement), it sends the trip data (start time, etc) but not the GPS information.

Another problem is that the trip never ends, it is always active as shown in the following picture

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