Trigger w/ Wildcard Tag not Triggering

Subject of the issue

I’ve just received my Gen3 w/ LTE unit, and am just beginning to test out automations. I have 4 triggers set up with different target Tags: 1 is a full tag, the other 3 are intended to be wildcards, as described in the Blog post about Triggers, with a prefix ending in “/”. That is, “vehicle/motor/” and “system/power/” to catch all of the power events.

The non-wildcard, system/power/_booting, does trigger. so i know in general things work. The other ones do not.

Your environment

AutoPi Telematics Unit Pi3 4G/LTE, 2020.05.27

Steps to reproduce

start truck, ensure AutoPi is connected and communicating. Drive. Stop. Turn off car.

Expected behaviour

I expect to see events triggered for:

  • system/power/_booting (No Wildcard)
  • vehicle/motor/ (wildcard)
  • vehicle/engine/ (wildcard)
  • system/power/ (wildcard)

Actual behaviour

Only see an event for the Booting event.

Output of power.status command

If your issue is in any way related to the device shutting down or behaving in a unexpected way, please provide the output of the power.status command to help us diagnose the issue.

Not related.

Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

Hello @d2inco and welcome to the community!

To use the wildcard events for your triggers, you need to append an asterisk at the end of the events like so:



Thank you Nikola
Can you update the tutorial, A Guide to Create and Use Triggers , to indicate that it should end in a “*” and not just a “/” ?

I didn’t find it anywhere else in the documentation for triggers, and it would be helpful if at least one place that indicated it also indicated the format correctly!!


Hi David.

We apologize, the markdown formatting has made the asterisks disappear (two asterisks make the text in between italic). The guide has been updated.


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