Sync of Custom Code without the default cloud url


Subject of the issue

When I am making some changes on a job, and try to sync it, it works well, the state goes synced. -> OK
When i am making some changes on a custom code and try to sync it, it doesnt work -> NOK

If i change the url of the cloud in the autopi web interface to set it at default, and restart all the stuff, the custom code will be synced well.

Your environment

  • I have changed the cloud url. (But the sync of the job is working so…)
  • gen 2,
  • engine is on

Steps to reproduce

  • change cloud api url
  • create a new custom code
  • try to make it synced with the sync button

Expected behaviour

It should be synced.

Actual behaviour

It is not synced
" Syncing modules to device
Not all states returned success "