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I just need some clarifications since I am just starting out. First of all I am a new autopi owner and also a first time EV vehicle owner. I have a VW e-Up! 2015 and I hope to use autopi with it for years to come. I don’t have much experience but I am eager to learn. So enough about me.

Today I have received my autopi dongle, it is the 4g version and setting it up went quite smoothly and I am able to access it through my cloud, also I was able to add widget POSITION to my dashboard which shows my position accurately.

But to my surprise all the other built in widgets do nothing with my car (no data in range) so I went exploring how to add widgets or pull data from my autopi. From what little I have found online I gather I need to create a new PID in My Library, then from this I can create a new Logger and then I can click add widget od my dashboard and under field I can select my new created logger. This in theory should pull my data. (correct me if I am wrong, like I said, new to this)

Well the problem is I don’t know how to create my own library command and therefore I have turned to Community library for some basics like for example (SoC State of Charge for electric vehicle) data, but to my surprise there is no VW E-UP supported there. Only VW UP and these commands all seem to be for internal combustion engine not battery powered vehicle. Please any guidance from here on would be great. Hope to also contribute to this forum in the future.

Here there,

Maybe you have the same Problem as me. VW ID3…
At first write an ticket to the Autopi Support to create an VW e-UP at the Database.
VW E-UP is more documantion availible as for ID3.
Sorry i only know this in german. German Wiki Entrys
But there you can find alot of OBD Commands

Maybe with this Information you can create your own PID Commands.
Which Can Bus is autodetected? ISO …?


Thanks for the answer. No problem google translate to the rescue :slight_smile: I will check OBD Commands right now!

It does not detect any can bus. It says error, so I guess for now this is the issue. I will try to create one manually

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