Software update on the 25th of October - Various bugfixes and improvements to the frontend and the API

Software update on the 25th of October - Various bugfixes and improvements to the frontend and the API

We have pushed a new release that contains the following changes.

Frontend -

  • Various bugfixes
  • Improved handling of device restart and reboot when syncing changes.
  • Fixed issue where refreshing software update state for device did not properly refresh.
  • Fixed various minor issues in validation of forms
  • Fixed error where trips list could load multiple trips on top of each other.
  • Fixed issue where changes would only show up after reloading page when editing hooks for engine.
  • Fixed issue where creating triggers on mobile would fail.
  • Fixed issue where supported PIDS was not included in the list when creating new loggers.
  • Improved visibility when device comes online.
  • Fixed issue where custom code save failed on specific characters.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!

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We have just pushed a new release to the API, which solves the following issues

  • An issue in the car library that occurred when duplicating a PID.
  • An issue that caused the search endpoint for “my library” to include wrong search results in the results.
  • Minor performance issues has been resolved.
  • Various improvements related to performance and stability.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

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My AutoPi has been on Update Pending ever since I purchased it a couple months ago. It is currently version 2019.05.08.

Is there anything i Can do to force the update?

Hi Guys, have the same issue:
SW Version on the Dashboard is 2019.05.08 + device is connected to the cloud + Update is showinf as “scheduled”… but no update is happening since several days. Need assistance on this pls.

Hey, had the same problem here with ‘Update Pending’ since version 2019.05.08 but managed to resolve it. One of the other problems with my autopi is that I had no dashboard data collected for a couple of weeks with the exception being rpi temperature.

Not sure what was going on but returning

autopi power.status

while connected over SSH it returned the following, I have trimmed what was returned but it suggests a 22 day uptime:

pi@autopi:~ $ autopi power.status
days: 22
seconds: 1950730
since_iso: ‘2019-10-17T11:19:05.677084’
since_t: 1571311145
time: ‘13:52’
users: 1

Forcing a restart from within SSH partially worked, the auto pi the updated itself to 2019.10.10 without any additional prompts from me but I still had no OBD data.

What got my OBD working again was running

power.hibernate confirm=true

from within the cloud terminal, I then gave it half an hour, started the car up and went for a short drive. Now everything looks to be working as it should, dashboard data is being collected and the power.sleep timer is being automatically triggered when I stop the engine.

I am also having issues updating my DIY unit, and I cannot change any settings until this finishes. Been trying for almost two months. Does the dongle have to be in the car for this to work? I have mine on the bench right now.

Thanks for sharing this,
i did it in a bit “easier” way by just unplugging the dongle, starting the car and plugging it back again after 10 seconds. After some time i can see that the SW has been updated.