Software update on the 14th of November - Settings and CAN Analyzer

We have pushed a new release that contains the following changes. (6308e763)

  • Added settings view with access to various device configuration parameters for advanced users.
  • Added OBD readouts configuration page that specifies which values to retrieve from the car.
  • Added first version of the CAN analyzer GUI (Guides will follow).
  • Fixed validation issues in jobs editor.
  • Fixed invalid date issue in trips list.

AutoPi Core

  • Improved cloud upload from Redis cache to support better retry.
  • Added support for WiFi only dongles.
  • Fixed issue with SPM heartbeat communication on RPi3 that resulted in reboots.
  • Fixed initial SPM query failed when protocol not fully initialized.
  • Fixed command ‘obd.query’ failed when defining custom ‘mode’ and ‘pid’ parameters.

NB, auto updates are currently disabled, but will be enabled again soon.
Currently the update takes quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.
Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, any comments etc are welcome!


Since I currently cant get the RPI3 to work with OBD, I reverted back to RPI Zero.
Updating to the latest version here, throws an error:

I do get OBD data now but I cant get OBD to work on the RPI3 yet. But I will wait for the OBD power cable I ordered from you guys until I retry the RPI3 setup again.

In regards to this update error, it does not seem to have a to big affect on the overall functionality.


Before update dongle take 20 minutes to find OBD, after update I waiting 30 minutes engine running without sound.
Dongle was on and I logged in on local, but all commands timeout.
I get bored on waiting and start using torque app again :frowning:

Hi Mikael

I have fixed the issue that you are seeing, when fixed you should instead see a message that the update finished, but some states was not applied correctly. But when this happens, it should retry the update behind the scenes, so it should fix itself.
It looks like the states that didn’t succeed are modem related - is the modem recognized if you do lsubsb when connected via ssh or ‘lsusb’ in the local terminal?

Best regards

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Hi @Hakkyou

You should’nt have to wait for it like that, it should be instantaneous.

If possible, can send us some logs from the device?

That will help us figure out what is going on with your device.

Best regards

Hi there. I did try to update my device, but nothing changed. There is still software version: 10ddb1954cd60ade3ec2ab972a5b6161441c28ca

Is there any information available yet about how the ODB logger works ? I understand there is more work yet to be done to actually use this data on the cloud, but sometime soon I would like to start exploring this.

For example, tells us for the Ioniq we have :

  • State of charge = PID 2101, (byte 5)/2, expressed as a percentage
  • State of health = PID 2105, ((byte 26)*256+(byte 27))/100, expressed as a percentage
  • Charging = PID 2101, bit 5 of byte 10

Presumably, the “DECORDER” (decoder ?) field allows these sums on the results, but I couldn’t find any docs or an example on how this works.


Yes the modem is recognized and working fine even with this error.


Hi Peter

We don’t have any documentation for the decoder yet, but I can tell you how the field works.
The decoder field specifies which decoder to use from a list of default decoders - I looked through to see if i could find one that works for the response you get from your ioniq - but take a look and see if anything may work

I think we need to make it dynamic so that you can input the formula yourself, so that you don’t depend on a list of specific decoders that may or may not match the formula you need.

And the spelling error will be fixed - it should, as you correctly guessed, say ‘decoder’ :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Mikael.

Does the GPS work as well?
I can take a look at the logs regarding the states that return errors, if you have the logs and the specific time that you ran the update?

Best regards

Yes GPS work as well, don’t have the logs but I can rerun the update and get a fresh set. But wont have time today.


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One idea is to use the Torque formulas - see

But, yes, it needs to be “dynamic” so that any decoding is possible.

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