Software update on the 14th of December (1.22.15) - Many improvements and support of new board version

Software update on the 14th of December (1.22.15) - Many improvements and support of new board version.

A new release has been pushed that is containing the following changes.


  • Many optimizations to the admin panel.
  • Added custom config for controlling usb speed.
  • Changed the way filtering works for vehicles so that you can only see your own vehicles.
  • Changed template apply to report the custom config id if there is a conflict.
  • Added extra validation on the uuid’s passed to the api endpoints.
  • Improved performance of more device endpoints.
  • Changed last communication fields to be set even when state is not registered.
  • Changed by_eth_address to be case insensitive.
  • Added board versions endpoint.
  • Changed hub device create to use a transaction.
  • Added dhcpcd entries custom config setting.
  • Added duplicate endpoint on template.
  • Added missing meta data for engines.
  • Added hub endpoint that will return the last errors of a device.
  • Changed addons to be possible to enable by default.
  • Changed user to automatically be accountadmin if he is registering a device and is the only user associated to the customer.
  • Fixed issue where power save setting would not be enabled on telit modems.
  • Fixed issue where internal auth would fail.
  • Added new supressed kernel logs.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to edit inline objects in device backend view.
  • Fixed issue with filtering on fleet overview.
  • Fixed issue where adding a pending sync would override an existing one.
  • For the new CM4 device the default pi user password is to no longer the default autopi2018 but instead part of the device id.
    It is available in the advanced settings just like the WiFi/hotspot password, but under the system tab instead.


  • Changed MQTT returner to fill in the timestamp field if missing.
  • Added more options ‘topic’, ‘qos’ and ‘retain’ to MQTT returner.
  • Possible to enable Bluetooth on the hardware UART (RPi default) for devices not using STN chip.
  • Support sync of grains defined in pillar data. This can be used to override local QMI settings from the cloud.
  • Support for changing the speed of the USB hub
  • Many improvements for supporting the new CM4 version
  • Changed boot config modifications to be an atomic operation
  • Added a limit to how many times an update will be attempted before suspending the attempts.
  • Changed to use aplay to play audio by default.
  • Fixed issue where modem could be in the wrong mode.
  • Improved the modem configuration.
  • Fixed issue where geofences would not always be loaded properly on the device.

The update can take quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.
If possible connect the device to WiFi as that can make the update be faster depending on coverage.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!


Hey Malte,
Please can you provide some more information on this point?
“Changed default pi user password to no longer be default autopi2018 but instead part of the device id”

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,
it has been updated to reflect the change properly.
Basically the change is only for the new CM4 version, the previous versions will not change.
For all versions however, the pi user password can be seen (and changed) in the advanced config under the system tab.

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