Software update 1.24 - Performance improvements and new device features

Software update 1.24 - Performance improvements and new device features

A new release has been pushed that is containing the following changes.


  • Added command can.j1939_query and support for J1939 auto-detection.
  • Added ability for to play both 11 and 29 bit messages from the same dump file.
  • Added VIN and ODOMETER to supported commands on SocketCAN devices
  • Added a configuration flag (allow_sending_can_frames) to disallow a CAN connection from sending messages on the bus
  • Added a configuration flag (allow_interface_changes) to disallow a CAN connection from running socketcan.XXX commands
  • Added more verbose error handling for
  • Fixed an issue where SMS messages sent by non-numerical senders weren’t getting parsed correctly and ignored.
  • Fixed obd.dump putting hashes in the wrong places when recording messages that don’t match selected protocol. (Previously would cause ‘fromhex’ error on
  • Fixed issue where selecting adaptive timing causes indentation error
  • Fixed command ‘minionutil.change_master’ to only perform changes directly in the minion config file.
  • Fixed issue where sending a non-OBD2 command would interfere with further commands on SocketCAN devices.
  • Fixed issue with protocol verification causing some can logger messages to be discarded
  • Fixed issue with obd.query command not working after bus autodetect fails on startup
  • Fixed an issue where under specific conditions second pdp context will not be cleared even if it’s requested


  • Improved performance of template functionality
  • Added more validation and descriptive error messages to the API
  • Improved validation of custom module naming to avoid hard-to-debug issues
  • Improved API documentation query parameters to only include the relevant ones.
  • Added support for multiple masters
  • Added NXP Secure Element version tracking
  • Changed RecentStats endpoint to use Redis instead of ElasticSearch
  • Added RecentStatsV2 endpoint with usage of Redis and stat query parameter to get specific stat OR all stats
  • Added link attribute to Addon
  • Improved Apply All function for the Devices in the Templates overview
  • Added better validation of CAN messages and signals when saving through the API endpoint
  • Improved performance of engine rendering
  • Added alerts on HTTP 599 timeout errors.
  • Changed disabling of dialog buttons to be proper when adding Devices to the Template
  • Refactored DBC file importing functionality.
  • Improved Fleet Overview table ordering when using specific filters.
  • Properly order state runs based on the run number.
  • Allow a child template to override a custom config of a parent template.
  • Added support for applying templates async.
  • Changed the tasks api to support new async actions.
  • Added support for keyfob control for CM4 devices.
  • Added device display name to resent position endpoint.
  • Added support for async tasks
  • Improved wording for template apply actions
  • Changed default sort order of workers and reactors to be more consistent
  • Updating pages to use new page style
  • Changed wording of text widget to numeric
  • Added last_login column in users table
  • Improved addons page by adding links to documentation
  • Improved CAN analyzer error messages
  • Fixed issue with user permissions remaining empty when creating new user through account view.
  • Fixed issue where on duplicate message in dbc import would cause an undocumented error
  • Fixed issue with DBC imports failing when there is a logger associated with a signal that would be deleted
  • Fixed an issue with new DBC import where 29bit headers weren’t saved correctly
  • Fixed issue where deleting a Template wouldn’t work when Loggers didn’t exist

The update can take quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.
If possible connect the device to WiFi as that can make the update be faster depending on coverage.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!

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