Server error 500 when reauthenticating device

Subject of the issue

Trying to accept new connection after re-flashing and I am getting a server error 500.

Steps to reproduce

Reflash device and reprovision.

Expected behaviour

Accepted connection.

Actual behaviour

An error occurred - HTTP Error: 500

Http failure response for 500 Internal Server Error

I should mention I opened a ticket but haven’t heard back yet. I also haven’t heard from AutoPi on another unrelated issue I opened 2 days ago?

Bump, anyone? I am surprised I haven’t heard back from support yet…

Hi @PhillipGardner,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please expect around 24 hours response time on normal working days. I can see this ticket was submitted during the weekend, so the team will get back to you shortly.


That’s ok thanks and understood, my first ticket was created 5 days ago actually and still no response to this. I hope to hear from your support soon as I am still getting the server side error 500.

Things are ok now thanks for the amazing support @Peter and Nikola!

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We need a 1.24.2 image on the Github because I am having nothing but troubles since buying into this, the unit keeps failing to update surrounding the kernel update being applied. Failed apt-get due to missing GPG keys requiring manual intervention to fix.

Unfortunately got the error again after Nikola fixed it. Need to re-provision the device to hopefully finally be able to use it. Is support open today? Thanks?

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