Send event with post method

Dear AutoPi community,

Is there a way to send and get events of specific autopi device from the autopi cloud using HTTP POST and GET methods?

It’s possible, POST endpoint url and autentification is the same as for the ‘ordinary’ data.
@tag filed is used to specify event.

Here is example:
curl --request POST "" --header "Authorization: token ***-***-***-***-***" --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '[{"@tag": "vehicle/custom_event/event_state", "event_data_field_1": 25, "event_data_field_2" : "string data", "@t": "event.vehicle.custom_event", "@ts": "2024-05-17T10:17:30.310362Z"}]'

Hi @Stefan_Dangubic

It looks like you have found a solution to your question.
Thank you so much for sharing and your contribution!

/Team AutoPi