Save trips when no GPS

Today I logged into Cloud and saw that no trips are there since two weeks. I recognized a problem with my SIM card. Now the connection is back and I can see the dongle is online. But the trips are still missing!
Are the trips not cached as long as there is no GSM connection? This would be a real disapointment, if the data is not save on the dongle and transfered when it is back online later!

Hi @Saimen,

Data should be stored on the device, but it may take a while to upload two weeks data. Give it a little while and it will appear in the cloud.

Please also check if you are running the latest release of the software.


Hello again,

there seems to be a bigger problem. Now it turned out, that there are even no new trips generated. I see Events anytime I use the car, so the GSM connection is allive. Also I hear the startup sound after some minutes when driving.
How can I find out, what is going wrong?
What does trigger that sound? Is done when anything is up or ony when boot is finished?

Tried to get the newest updates today. It tells me:
Current version: 83e99e7f08464b4b70efb4a4e9af225f41542a93
Latest available version: 83e99e7f08464b4b70efb4a4e9af225f41542a93
They are equal, but the update button is green. After the update is running for some minutes “Failed software update. Something went wrong”.
A more specific message or even displaying a terminal with the log would be very useful.

Hi @Saimen

Can you reach out to

They will be able to debug this with you.


Okay, have written a mail now and hope for a fast solution…