Salt-call takes very long


Subject of the issue

Execution of salt-call takes very long

Your environment

ssh login to AutoPi via build in accesspoint.

Steps to reproduce

sudo salt-call
sudo salt-call --local
sudo salt-call --local ec2x.query "ATI"

Expected behaviour

Getting the help text is a local operation. It should print a result within milliseconds.
Also executing an AT command should be done within a second.

Actual behaviour

Takes up to 20seconds to return anything

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Found out calling autopi command is a bit faster. But there seem to be all options missing. For example the option to get the raw output only, link I can do with:

 sudo salt-call --out raw ec2x.query 'AT+CMGL="all"'

But not with autopi, because it also has an issue parsing the quotes in arguments. So following commands fail:

sudo autopi --out raw ec2x.query 'AT+CMGL="all"'
sudo autopi ec2x.query 'AT+CMGL="all"'