Remote Start Feature

How exactly does the remote start feature work (or any functionality implemented at all in this direction)? The Use-Cases page lists remote start as a possible feature (“Some car models let the AutoPi control start of your vehicle”), how is this done?

Is a pre-installed third-party remote starter required? If not, how exactly is the AutoPi supposed to start a vehicle?

Does anyone who already has an AutoPi have remote start working?

I’m seriously considering buying the AutoPi to strongly complement my Arduino system I’m building in my car, especially if some/many of the features listed on the Use-Cases page are (relatively) easy to implement.

IMO, the remote start feature is a misleading marketing stunt by AutoPi team.

The basic principle is simply Record & Replay CAN bus messages.
They have a web-based UI for you to do that pretty conveniently.

However, it’s not possible with all cars. Most modern car has some security or encryption inside CAN bus message to prevent just that.

Nevertheless, it’s not totally impossible for some cars. You may checkout the exact procedure to get it done for a Ford Focus in a Youtube video here.

I bought my AutoPi with hope to implement this feature myself, but it simply doesn’t work with my Mazda 3 2019. I’m not expert with CAN bus messages, I got no further than simple Record & Replay step.

Agreed. These are sold on potential, but documentation is bad and software stack is restricting and not entirely open. To build what I want I need to bypass their entire stack… AutoPi just gives you the ease of remote access hardware in a compact package.

If you’re lucky, your vehicle may have originally shipped with an app like mine did. I was able to use a CAN sniffer (a dedicated high speed, full fat device connected to a computer) to find that message and replay it. AutoPi could not do that for several reasons - It’s too low speed so Record/Replay fails (simple bus detection fails too…) It does not fully support extended IDs. It’s not wired to the proprietary bus (pins 1/9) the remote module is on. This functionality often requires all of that since it’s not part of the OBD spec so manufacturers are free to place the module anywhere with any format/protocol.

All considered, an aftermarket remote starter might be your best bet. Find one you could trigger with GPIO and supporting circuits. Remotely access the AutoPi to run the command.