Reading CAN in high speed


Does the AutoPi support reading CAN data in higher speeds (>50 Hz)? If so, how should one configure and read the data? Does the obd module support fast CAN communication? The latency should also be kept low, in order to enable for execution in real time upon received data.

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Hi @oscaroscarson,

The system should be able to dump data from the CAN bus as fast as they stream. This is already part of our CAN sniffing tool:

The obd.dump command already store the data to a file. Depending on what exactly it is you want to build, the data could be streamed to another place than a file. This is, however, not currently part of our setup.


Thanks Peter! Will it be possible to use your obd module ( by external ptyhon code, without modifying the autopi-core? I imagine that the core uses the obd module and might interfere with any own code, please correct me if I am wrong.

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Hi @oscaroscarson

You should be able to call any function in the OBD module from external code. The module should be able to enqueue the messages on its own, to avoid interferrens.