Problem with wifi after changing the password!

Yesterday I tried to change the password on wifi but when it’s saved on dongle, I can find the ssid any longer!!
Is this something which is known before??!!

Hey Alex

Have you tried restarting the device after the change?

Also can you confirm that the password is set to match the WPA2 standard, ie. between 8 and 63 characters?

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Yes I have reset the device but it doesn’t help and the password is matched with WPA2!!

Hi Alex

Can you send an email to
Please include the unit id of your device.

Best regards

hi, Could we have some feedback about this issue, i think i have the same probleme with 2 dongles.
I dont know why, the wifi didnt appear anymore when try to connect locally to the dongle.
I didnt change the wifi settings.

Hi @prokium,

Is this still bugging you? Please reach out to, if it continues to be a problem for you.