Problem with "Add to my Library"


I am having problems using the button add to my library.
When I use the button, nothing happens.

Hi @Nicolai_Isaksen,

Its hard to see exactly where the issue is, but most likely this is caused by a validation error of some of the codes you’ve added. For some reason this is not shown in the UI.

Is it possible for you to check browser developer debug log?


ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘id’)
at l.Duplicate (main-es2015.3fe1853c6ab63cb82d27.js:1:340728)
at a.AddToLibrary (main-es2015.3fe1853c6ab63cb82d27.js:1:341827)
at Object.handleEvent (main-es2015.3fe1853c6ab63cb82d27.js:1:360094)
at Object.handleEvent (vendor-es2015.d13037773268b629a62e.js:1:492558)
at Object.handleEvent (vendor-es2015.d13037773268b629a62e.js:1:512872)
at ei (vendor-es2015.d13037773268b629a62e.js:1:449481)
at vendor-es2015.d13037773268b629a62e.js:1:485951
at HTMLAnchorElement. (vendor-es2015.d13037773268b629a62e.js:1:3473201)
at s.trace (vendor-es2015.d13037773268b629a62e.js:1:598576)
at u.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.5b5bcd8fd6a89049bb68.js:1:76322)

from the console log