Pre sales questions WiFi 4g

  1. If I get a WiFi only edition, will it record data and upload once it’s within range?? Our only get data when it’s in range (I have a portable hotspot that I might use instead of getting another data sim)
  2. How much data is the average person using with the 4g edition. Anyone using prepaid service in the U.S.?
  3. How long of an OBDII extension can I safely use with this?

That’s it for now. If this is covered somewhere please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

I’ve not bothered too much with 4G data usage here in the UK - there is a three sim available ( ) that gives 200MB data free a month. I’ve not been keeping a close eye on it, but looks like I’m consuming about 100MB a month, so its basically free.

( I did add £10 credit, currently £9.42 left after several months … so I exceed the 200M limits really only when testing )

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This is sick! Thanks for the hint @plord

I’ve just ordered mine now.


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