Overview of community library before purchasing device

We have previously purchased a different brand of OBDII dongles for our cars, which turned out to provide far less functionality than desired. We are therefore reluctant to purchase Autopis without ascertaining the functionality it will provide for our cars beforehand.
For this reason, it is unfortunate that the community library is not searchable before a device has been registered.

When a potential customer knows the make, model and year of their car, wouldn’t it be in the spirit of transparency to let them know what functionality to expect from using Autopi in their vehicle?

Hi @salutations,

Unfortunately, its not possible for us to give public access to our community library, without purchasing a device. The access is part of what you purchase.

However, if you have doubts about the functioality of our device, then I recommend you contact sales@autopi.io and explain your usecase. They will definately be able to assist you in your project.


I see. Would it be possible to provide a public list of what is present in the community library, without providing access to and use of the ‘addons/plugins’ themselves?
That way potential customers can check the support/functionality level of their vehicle, and Autopi retains the sales value of devices.

I’ll check in with sales@autopi.io regarding our vehicles.


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