No data while sniffing. What am I doing wrong?


My car is Toyota Yaris 2018-19.

Installation went easily, network is connecting and I’m getting data from TMU. But when I try CAN Sniffer or Recorder I don’t get any data. What am I doing wrong?

When I opened the tool it asked workers or jobs (don’t remember exact term) to be paused. I tried both ways: stopped and ignored.

Here is screen capture:

AutoPi does beep twice when I click “Sniff” but those are less than second apart.

(SSH is also working.)

  • Terri

Hello Terri,
Sorry for the late reply.
This is likely caused by using the wrong bus.

The autodetect bus feature will return the first bus it finds, but it is not certain that the bus can be dumped from.

A car has multiple busses, and only some of them are supported by the device, so you will need to find out which busses are available and then try dumping from them, both by changing the protocol id and also the baud rate.
Here is a few things that might assist in figuring out the issue

  1. Which bus is configured and are you sure it is the correct bus?

  2. Have you tried other busses

  3. Is the device updated?

  4. Is the car running?

Best regards,