Motorcycle CANbus instructions

Hi all,
Am new here as I am trying to learn about the CANbus commands used on modern motorcycles.
I have a small motorcycle business and am looking to develop a couple of new products which would take the relevant CANbus command to create an output that would interact with an accessory.

So the obvious two commands I would like to identify are:

  • Engine running
  • High beam activated

If anyone has any experience of sniffing motorcycle CANbus systems and identifying relevant commands it would be great to hear from you.

Many thanks


Hi Phil,

Thank you for your patience. Many motorcycles follow the OBD-II standard PIDs, which can be found here: OBD-II PIDs - Wikipedia. From these, RPM and Speed could be used to derive whether the vehicle is running or not. Note that not all vehicles follow the standard 1 to 1, so they might not implement some of the PIDs and might implement their own proprietary PIDs. If you are trying to create a product that will detect when the high beams are activated on ANY motorcycle, that might not be possible, as the commands sent on the CAN bus might be different between manufacturers, vehicle families or even years of manufacture.

The AutoPi provides a CAN Analyzer which should help you discover which messages correspond to which events like the high beams being turned on. CAN Sniffer: Data Sniffer for CAN Bus Messages | AutoPi

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Support
Eriks Petersons