Missing data information in dashboard

I am using the autopi for 2 weeks now in my Toyota Yaris Hybride 2017. In the dashboard the values “Fuel level”, “Fuel rate”, “Battery voltage” staying empty (“No data available”). Is this normal and is working in the future or is this an error.

I have checked the odb.status and odb.commands. Everything seems to be normal, see screenshot.




HI Ron

The missing data in the dashboard is partly due to an issue with the battery voltage format, which will be sorted in the next week or so, secondly, it depends on your car.

Some cars doesn’t fully implement the OBD2 standard, and thus will not return the information we request, but we are working on this, so that it can differentiate between different cars, and retrieve X data via a method that the car supports.

Best regards
/ Malte

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