Lock & Unlock vehicle list


How do I know which vehicles support door Lock & Unlock option? I would appreciate if someone could share a list of compatible vehicles with AutoPi.


Hi Paulius

We are working on a feature in our cloud that will enable users to catalog what commands are available on which cars, this will of course include locking and unlocking.
The dongle supports a lot of different protocols, so it is actually more if the car supports it, and that is the difficult part, because they are/can be different between makes, models, year, country and even the production batch.

Are you looking for something specific?

We have functionality in the device to record the traffic and replay it, and that allows to unlock and lock some cars.
So that can be used to see if the car allows to be unlocked via a simple replay of the messages.

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I’m thinking to create a car sharing service for my community and I would like understand which cars will be compatible with autopi. The option to see available commands for specific cars would be amazing to have. Is there a way to access your feature as a beta/test user?


No unfortunately not.
It is not ready for testing yet.

But the compatibility with cars is not specific to the autopi.
If the car can be locked/unlocked via the CAN bus by recording and replaying the CAN messages, then the autopi will be able to work with it.
If not, it may still be compatible, but then some reverse engineering will be required.

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Do you know if there is a tutorial explaining how to record CAN bus and how to filter out these lock/unlock commands?


We currently have this guide

It is not a step by step and is not related to locking and unlocking.
But it does explain how the commands work, and the way to do it will be to record while unlocking/locking, and then replaying to see if it does the same action again.

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Thank you Malte, I already looked at this guide, but I don’t think its very intuitive or easy to do for a non-technical person. I tried to record several actions such as opening doors and windows using the commands below:

obd.dump duration=5 file=doorunlock
obd.dump duration=5 file=windowopen

and then playback recorded file using obd.play command:

obd.play file=/opt/autopi/obd/doorunlock
obd.play file=/opt/autopi/obd/windowopen

This is what I get:

local user@Local device $ obd.play file=/opt/autopi/obd/doorunlock _stamp: '2018-10-25T16:06:52.668665' count: sent: 0 total: 0 duration: 0.00006794929504394531 output: []

I am not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not able to get the windows or doors to open.
Is there is anyway you could make a simple guide or a quick video to see how do you extract these codes from the vehicle.


Hi Paulius

Yes, we have a video tutorial planned, and we also have a new section on my.autopi.io with a UI that uses the commands. That will enable most people to do it without knowing any of the commands.
It should be ready within a few weeks I think.

Best regards

I am looking forward to your tutorials.

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I’m looking to purchase AutoPi for car locking/unlocking, would like to know how was your progress in locking and unlocking the doors of your vehicle.

Hello Malte, can you kindly post any update on this topic? How far is the locking/unlocking feature and where can we get the Details?


Hello Malte, I am also very much interested in this topic, you are helping all of us with your replies!

Hi Paulius,
Can we speak via email?
THANKS, ilan

Is there any news regarding a list of cars that are compatible with lock and unlock? I’m very interested in this as well, thanks!