Kia e-Niro Odometer readings


I was wondering if someone has managed to get any data for the odometer and TPMS ( Kia e-Niro).

I have tried all the PIDs from the library both the Niro and the Kona, but no luck getting any readings.

Also tried with the ABRP custom code, and in the last 4 weeks I have only experienced readings from the odometer 2 times.

Best regards

obd.query KiaOdo mode=‘“22”’ pid=B002 header=‘“7C6”’ bytes=64 formula='bytes_to_int(message.dat

a[10:12])+(bytes_to_int([9:10])*65536)’ unit=km verify=false force=true

No data received from vehicle within timeout

@plord have you experienced something similar?