Is there a way to get my parcel tracking in English? Seems to be in Danish


I’m tracking my parcel but I can’t read Danish, so it’s a little tricky. Can that be fixed?


Hi @captainfuzzyface,

The tracking info comes directly from the shipping company, so we can’t translate it directly. But as soon as it goes to your local carrier (after it has left denmark), the language will most likely shift to your local language (English), because the shipping info then comes from that carrier.

But, send an email to with your tracking number and then we will be able to tell you whats up and down.

And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks, that sounds like a good compromise. I’ve just been using Google Translate til now. :wink:


if the carrier is DHL, I took the tracking number and when to “” and pasted it in.
My Danish is a little rusty too…