Is the SD card glued in?

I possibly borked the WiFi config in my AutoPi (I use a separate 4G modem in my car instead of the modem in the AutoPi itself, as the latter was a bit flaky; the router doesn’t support giving the AutoPi a fixed IP address, so I was trying to configure it in the AutoPi itself), so I took the AutoPi apart to extract the SD card so I can install it onto a Linux computer, mount it, and undo my configurations.

However, the SD card appears to be very tight – has it been glued in? There is a spot in the corner that looks a bit like glue holding it in; however, the guide for upgrading the RPi does mention moving the SD card to the new RPi, so this feels a bit weird.

Hello topeju,

An external 4G modem definitely sounds like an interesting idea, how did you achieve it?

In addition, I tend to think that the integrated modem is one of the best designed components inside of the AutoPi, what issues did it cause when you say that it’s flaky?

Regarding the SD card, it is possible that the card slot itself is slightly bent, which usually causes the memory card to press against the pins of the socket. Try to gently pull it out by wiggling left to right.

Also, there is no glue :slight_smile:

Happy hacking!

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I just used a simple 4G+WiFi router (battery-powered, but with a USB port too for charging), and connect the AutoPi to its WiFi network.

The flakiness was a bit offtopic above so I didn’t elaborate on that much; the problem was that the WiFi hotspot from AutoPi tended to die off, thus cutting off the other device in my car from its connection – I had no issues with the 4G side itself.

I saw some spot that looked like glue, and I think it is actually from the case, IIRC one of the antennas was glued to the case, and that glue also touched the SD card slot and the SD card itself, gluing them together. No amount of wiggling has been able to release it. In the end, I just switched to a new SD card and a new Raspberry Pi (had one lying around).

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