Integration with Jarvis lite software

I have recently discovered a AI software that typically runs on Windows called Jarvis Lite. It’s by a company called ACW Technologies. What I was thinking of doing is trying to integrate the two programs together for a more KITT feel. How difficult would that be?

Hi David

I checked out Jarvis Lite, and it is windows software, and therefore you’d probably need to do quite a bit of work making it run on the autopi dongle. If you specifically need the jarvis lite software, one way could be to change the operating system to windows 10 instead of raspbian, but we currently only officially support raspbian as the operating system, due to drivers etc. So i would expect you to run into issues with modem drivers etc.
But the system that runs the different python modules, is supported on both windows and linux.

Another, possibly better way
Jarvis lite seems to be more simple voice commands and less AI, so it would probably be much more interesting to use another AI / voice solution, like google assistant, or the open source project Jasper

It sounds like a really cool project, and we actually implemented the autopi voice commands demo using google assistant. If you haven’t seen the video / blog post: Speak to your car like Kitt from Knight Rider

Basically, we want everything the autopi dongle can do, to be possible to be triggered from voice commands.

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