Integration with Initial State

I am trying to stream data from my AutoPi to Initial State ( Has anyone tried or already succeeded with this?

In Initial State one creates buckets receiving data stream using API Endpoints. Any idea how to set this up from AutoPi Cloud or the device itself?

Hi @maurosacchi,

We don’t have any experience with this service specifically, but generally when you want to send data to a service other than the AutoPi backend (or sometimes to both), you’d do one of these:

  • Change the default API endpoint. This is the easiest to do and will simply send all data to your endpoint instead of the AutoPi one. You can find it in the Advanced Settings.
  • Create a custom returner that either immediately sends the retrieved data to API or stores the data temporarily in a cache, and then sends it. For the latter you can check the current implementation of our cloud returner. You can also check out our docs and this post for info on creating custom returners.
  • If the service allows it, you can also use MQTT

Hope this helps :slight_smile: